Weights Room

The new Weights Room is open. Ben Male has been running inductions and over 20 people were inducted during the first 2 weeks of the price holiday deal that we introduced so people could suck it and see.

From Monday August 3rd we started to charge users at monthly rate of £20 for Rhigos residents and £25 for everyone else or £2.50 per session.

The feedback is very positive. Although the facility is not very big it will house 6 people at a time and you have to remember that Rhigos is not very big. Improvements mentioned are:

Mirrors – we have got some and are going to put them up soon

Punchbag – perhaps

Legpress – perhaps

We want to set up a Weights Room club led by Ben and anyone interested in joining Ben and the keyholders (Dan Twin and Jonny) in planning the club should contact Clive or Jacky or Ben in the office.

We hope that the extra income from the Weights Room will help the Sports Hall to be self sufficient financially so that the Sports Hall can benefit the people of Rhigos for many years to come.